General terms and condition of sales

  1. The contract is concluded between the Supplier and the Customer.
  2. The object of the contract is the subscription supply of the Flags.
  3. Through this contract, the Supplier agrees to keep the Flags, placed at the Place of installation, in Perfect condition replacing them whenever necessary, with a minimum of one change every 4 months.
  4. All transportation paid by the Supplier.
  5. For the execution of this contract, the Customer agrees to pay the Supplier a Monthly fee commencing on the Date of start.
  6. The Customer agrees not to change the Place of installation without written permission from the Supplier.
  7. The Customer will independently install the Flags received.
  8. The Customer agrees to pack and ship the replaced Flags according to the instructions sent by the Supplier.
  9. It is possible to terminate this contract by either the Customer or the Supplier at any time and without any penalty or notice.
  10. Upon termination of the contract, the Customer agrees to return the Flags to the Supplier no later than 15 days.
  11. In the event of the loss of the Flags due to theft or other causes, or if Customer fails to return one or more Flags, the Supplier shall be free to charge the Customer at 50% of the Value.
  12. The Customer can terminate the contract at any time, without any penalty.
  13. Suspension of the payment from 15 or more days, will cause the termination of the contract.


Perfect conditionPerfect condition is defined as the absence of defects or damage visible to the naked eye at a distance of 3.5m.
Value450% of “Monthly fee”.
SupplierKezers doo - Ljubljana
CustomerCompany listed in the contract in the “Billing details” box.
Place of installationPlace indicated in the contract in the “Delivery details” box.
Monthly fee“Fee” at the moment of subscripiton, increased periodically based on “price variations”.
Date of startDate on which the contract become operational through payment of the initial amount.
FlagsThe flags shown in the subscription.
FeeInitial fee indicated in the subscription.
Price variationsThe Supplier may change prices at any time by informing the customer in writing, who shall be free to accept or withdraw from the contract.